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Welcome to
South Bend First SDA Church 

Pastor’s Passage:        

                 My brother, you have not as much firmness and assurance as you have had. You have the most critical cases to handle, and at times a dread comes upon you. To perform these difficult duties, you know that rapid work must be done, that no false moves must be made. Again and again you have had to pass swiftly from task to task. Who has been by your side during these critical operations? Who has kept you calm and self-possessed in the crisis, giving you quick, sharp discernment, clear eyesight, steady nerves, and skillful precision? The Lord Jesus has sent His angel to your side, to tell you what to do. A hand has been laid upon your hand. Jesus, not you, has guided the movements of your hand. At times you have realized this, and a wonderful calmness has come over you. You dared not hurry, yet you worked rapidly, knowing that here was not a second to waste. The Lord has greatly blessed you. (BCL 32)

             Transformed Through Christ. United in Love. Called to Serve.

  South Bend First SDA Church is the proud home of great christian education

 Great Kids Academy and South Bend Junior Academy.

 Early Childhood learning             Grades K-8         
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